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  1. Hand made from the first to the last step

  2. Meticulous final inspection and adjustment

  3. Hand carved, graduated and tuned backs and tops

  4. Customization available on all models

  5. Selected pieces of wood, high  quality hardware and electronics



Why consider a Habus guitar?

  1.       Customization available on all models

    Most important thing when buying a custom guitar is you get to choose your specs. Although each model is the same in the design and construction, there are plenty of details that are subject to customization. If you only looking for a good sound the basic model will probably be enough for you but if you're looking for a guitar that has some different tehnical details, appearance or even sound I can do that for you. Of course, not everyone likes the same style of playing and the same type of sound. While the wood of the guitar has a tone of its own, you can completely change the sound with the choice of pickup. Therefore, you can find few options of hardware and pickups for each model to customize the sound of your new guitar even more. You can also choose between three types of neck. Much more options you can find under ''Additional options'' for each model. Everything is subjected to your needs and demands.
  2.        Meticulous final inspection and adjustment

    After the instrument is made there are still many things that must be done before delivery. Frets, strings action, position of pickups, neck bow, etc., are some of many factors that affect the playability and sound of the instrument. I personally take every guitar in my hands to carefully check each of these factors and make corrections if needed. Every piece of hardware and electronics is also checked before mounting. The final check is to plug in the guitar and playing it for a while through the amplifier. That part of the job I love the most :) Sound is checked through high quality amplifiers and equipment. If I'm satisfied after all these checks your guitar is ready for delivery. Each guitar has its own unique serial number, certificate of authenticity and I signed it before delivery.
  3. Handmade from the first to the last step

    Today the term ''handmade'' or ''hand
    crafted'' is often abused. Instruments that
    are mostly made by machines are also placed in that category because certain stages of production include human labor. I don't think that pressing the button on a CNC machine can be classified as a ''handmade'' although that is a human labor :) I'm not saying that these guitars are bad but they certainly do not fall into the category of handmade instruments. When I'm working on a guitar I'm using only small hand tools like planes, chisels, rasps and all other traditional tools. I'm using small electrical tools like sanders only in final stages of my work. The lacquer is also hand sanded and polished. I've always been fascinated with string instrument builders in the past centuries and although that is not always possible due to a different manufacturing process that is how I want to work on my instruments.

  4. Hand carved, graduated  and tuned backs and tops

    The most important thing when building an archtop or semi hollow guitar is to make carving of the top and back plate right. This is a part of the job I pay most attention to. The best materials are not enough if the guitar is not properly made. Days of measurement, carving, scraping and sanding are necessary to get a good result. The sound board on archtop guitar must be properly carved and tapered to get a well balanced and rich sound. Even after the body is done an additional tap tuning and carving of back plate is necessary to get even vibration of back side. The semi-hollow guitar also has to be properly carved to obtain a proper thickness of top and back plate. Proper carving and tapering adds the guitar additional harmonics and makes it sound even better.
  5. Selected pieces of wood, high  quality hardware and electronics

    As we all know heart of each guitar is the wood from which it was made. Because of that every piece of wood that I use is carefully selected by weight, moisture content, appearance, etc. But that is not enough. An excellent singer can sound bad through a bad microphone. It is the same with guitars. If you put bad hardware and pickups on an excellent guitar you will not get a good sound. As you can see the hardware and pickups I use are from renowned manufacturers who are well known for their quality and tradition. Luthier supplies such as glue, lacquer, electronics, etc., are also highest quality products and are purchased from the best luthier suppliers. Quality parts guarantee great sound and also durability of the instrument for a long time. There is no place for cheap and low quality parts in my workshop.



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