There are few simple steps to follow when ordering

1. Please choose model that you want to order and send me a little info via email or through my contact                                    form. Info should contain the name of the model you want to order and additional options that you want on your guitar. If you have any other questions or suggestions please feel free to ask, I am here for you.
2. I will send you back an email with information about availability, correct price, approximate shipping price and approximate delivery time.
3. If that suits you I will send you information for payment and your guitar goes into production.


          Payment options

I offer you two ways of payment.

1. Full payment at once.
2. Half the amount right away and the other half before delivery (shipping).

        Payment method

1. PayPal - payment through PayPal account.
2. Credit Card / Debit Card - direct payment to bank account.


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