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As a long time active guitar player, I have always known how important it is to have a suitable instrument. The one that would meet all my requirements. Most of the time it was a mission impossible. I always had a problem with finding the ''right one''. Some available guitars were not adequate because of their neck characteristics, body dimensions or some other things that bother most guitarists. Guitars that I did like were either unavailable in my country or too expensive for me at that time.

And then, about fifteen years ago, I decided to try to build my first guitar. But, I didn't want to build just a ''guitar''. I wanted to build a highest quality guitar that would look great and sound great. Guided by this idea, I made my first guitar. I used to work with wood before, so I thought that it would be easy. I was wrong :-) It was a semi-hollow model, made of mahogany and maple and it really wasn't a big success. I realized that I need to learn more about guitar construction and tonal characteristics. After a few years of gaining experience, knowledge and perfecting my craft skills, I have reached level of perfection that was needed to build a guitar that would actually ''sing''.

Because I'm mostly playing jazz and blues it made sense to me to start with building hollow and semi-hollow guitars. But, as I find that solid body guitars are very useful in all types of music, and I play rock and fusion occasionally, later I started to build solid body guitars too.

After a very positive reactions of guitarists in my country who have tried my guitars, I decided to build guitars commercially. So, I established a small company for production of high quality guitars.

The biggest advantage of custom made guitars is that you have the opportunity to choose  features of your new guitar. As you can see, I don't have guitars in stock. This is because each guitar is built to your specifications and wishes. So, before the making process is started I'm in contact with you until you define exactly what you want.

For each instrument I'm offering you a basic model. If you are not satisfied with that, choose from additional options something that suits you. If you're still not satisfied I encourage you to give me your suggestion regarding the choice of wood, electronics, hardware and other details. This way, at the end, you get a truly unique and personal instrument...

Actually... this does not have to be the end... as the man once said, this could be a begining of a beautiful friendship...  :-)

Sincerely yours,
Tomislav Habus

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